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With his first single, “I Can Change” successfully behind him, Will Muse will release his sophomore single, “Spend My Life,” in November. The talented 16-year old has already filmed a video for the tune, which he describes as “an upbeat, happy and fun song that you would want to play for the person you plan to spend the rest of your life with.”

The Somerset, Kentucky native has an EP of original songs ready to go after the single has been released. He wrote or co-wrote all the tunes on the EP.

“I wrote with Britton Cameron, who is my producer, as well as Margaret Becker, Doug Kahan, Josh Wright and Tom Michaels,” Muse says. “I feel like when I co-write there are more dynamics to the song because the creative input comes from multiple sources. I like to take a compelling concept and melody for a song into the writing session and then we work on that to see what we come up with.”

Muse’s first single had a million views on his Facebook page and was also released on iTunes. “It was really exciting for me to have people listen to ‘I Can Change’,” Muse says. The song, about the turmoil and terrible things happening in the world today, was about someone who needed to make changes in their life. The lyrics present a positive message for those listened to it, reminding them that people really can change. Muse heard from many fans who told him how much they loved the song. “It gave me a really good feeling to know that the song connected with so many people on an internationally level.  That is what I hope to do with my music – touch people and make a difference in their life.”

Muse points out that the song was the perfect first single for him, as it introduced fans to his rock and blues influenced style and his love of lyrics that people can identify with. “I discovered that people connect with ‘I Can Change’ on many different levels, whether it reminds them of romantic relationships, friendships, having a loved one who is battling drug addiction or some other great problem in the world. I’m excited that the release of the track allowed me to share my music with more people than ever before.”

Muse was discovered at the Opry Mills Unplugged series in the summer of 2017 by a talent scout for America’s leading artist development company, PCG Universal in Nashville. His first single, “I Can Change,” was released six months later. Co-written and produced by recording artist and veteran composer Britton Cameron – whose credits include Don Williams, Lonestar and Sister Hazel – the emotional, heartfelt ballad was a dynamic showcase for Muse’s pop, rock and blues-tinged vocals, showcasing his soulful way with a melody and insightful storytelling talents.

The singer/songwriter is thrilled to be with the PCG Universal team, which he acknowledges has facilitated his growth as a vocalist, songwriter, on stage presentation and authenticity as a recording and performing artist. Muse says he has been able to develop an ever-expanding repertoire of original music through his solo writing and his co-writes with other talented songwriters in Nashville.

“Will Muse is exactly what we look for in a client,” says PCG Founder and President Bernard Porter. “He has a tremendous musical identity as an artist, along with passion and strong work ethic.”

In addition to building his own career, the 16-year old is concerned for others who are in need of compassion in this world. Through his foundation, Music For Wishes, he has been able to combine his love of music with his desire to give back to his hometown and help people in need. He has raised more than $50,000 with the help of his community through two concerts for the Make A Wish Foundation in the Somerset area.  A third event is planned for January 26, 2019 in Somerset, which will include a dinner, silent auction and concert.

“I was recently invited to attend a young boy’s wish reveal,” Muse says. “It was a special feeling to see how happy he was and know we helped that child get his wish for a trip to Disney World.”

Will’s immersion into music began at age five, when his mom Allison signed him up for guitar lessons, quickly followed by piano instruction. He had a natural gift for the electric guitar and aspired to be the next Slash during his formative years. In fifth grade, he decided to compete in his school’s talent show and thought it “might be cool” to add vocals to his performance. His performance in front of 600 people of “Let It Be” – which featured his debut vocal performance and him playing both piano and guitar – earned him second place in a competition with many older children. The next year, he channeled Slash and played and sang “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” winning the same competition easily.

Though Muse has inspired and energized crowds with his heartfelt renditions of everything from “Purple Rain,” “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter” to Hootie & The Blowfish’s “Let Her Cry” and “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door,” it’s his tremendous growth as a songwriter that’s truly defining his evolution as an artist. “It has been wonderful to have the opportunity to work with the great writers at PCG and create a repertoire of original songs,” he says. “With the second single set for release, I’m looking forward to reaching a larger audience and continue developing my fan base.”

Muse is looking forward to fulfilling a dream of his own in 2019 when he can put together a tour to go out and connect with his fans. While he has been developing his artistry onstage for several years, winning an audition at 13 and performing at the Master Musicians Festival on a bill with Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and later opening for headliner Chris Knight at the Harvest Moon Festival, he loves the idea of headlining his own show where he can showcase his original music along with songs that were instrumental in developing his passion for music – songs by his primary influences including The Beatles, Gun N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Elton John, Sheryl Crow and Prince. A duet with Sheryl Crow is one of his bucket list items. “I think it would be so cool to sing with her.”

Muse lives between Louisville and Nashville, which gives him ample opportunity to visit Nashville, setting up sessions with co-writers and attending meetings that will help advance his career.

“I miss several days of school every month to go to Nashville to work on my career,” says the high school student who regularly attends classes in Somerset. “I’m a sophomore and a straight-A student. The school has been helpful in allowing me to pursue music, and the people in Somerset have been very supportive of what I do.”

Muse is not lost on the fact that his name means a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist. “It can be challenging to be a muse to myself,” he admits with a smile.

The young man has met that challenge very well, as he moves into the next phase of his music career with the single “Spend My Life” and the release of his upcoming EP. The expectations for Muse are that he will have a long and rewarding career as a singer, songwriter, musician and performer.